Why Chummi?

Our Story

So many people have told us that they’re forever forgetting to pack their travelcard – or if they DO remember, forgetting where they put it! And whilst they’re fumbling around for it, an impatient queue of people is building behind them.

You can’t keep your contactless travel card with other cards in case of card clash, so it has to be separate – and what a hassle that can be! And as soon as you keep it separate, there’s an added risk of it being lost or stolen.

Chummi solves all these problems: it’s neat, stylish, secure, and easy to use! The card reader “sees” the card through the holder, so there’s no need to remove it. Just zip it out on its cord to touch the card reader – and let it zip it safely back into place.

And – it works with all kinds of contactless card, not just cards like Oyster, Zip and Freedom Pass! It’s the perfect travel companion!

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